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Memorials Policy

This Policy looks to standardise the allocation and management of memorial trees and benches located within parks and open spaces. This has been proposed to ensure all memorials are allocated and managed consistently, using one operating process across all parks and open spaces within the Borough.

The Policy also sets out the process to standardise and control the scattering of human ashes within parks and create an option for depositing ashes in parks alongside a memorial. This process will enable parks staff members to adequately manage requests for ash scattering and prevent unauthorised scattering of ashes which can affect the enjoyment of other park users.

Organisations such as the RSPCA, the Marine Conservation Society and the National Farmers Union have campaigned for Local Authorities and government agencies to prohibit the release of balloons and lanterns on public land. Lanterns and balloons can cause littering up to 1000m from each release site as well as causing entrapment and ingestion risks to wildlife. There have also been a number of fires which have been caused by lanterns, this has caused risks to both land and buildings. The policy is looking to prohibit the release of lanterns and balloons on all council owned land in the Basildon Borough.