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The Road To School Readiness

When Basildon babies babble, play and laugh with you, you're helping them on their way to being School Ready.

Basildon children are READY!....Basildon School Readiness Poster Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window

R is for RESILIENT, adaptable and always willing to try;
E is for ENQUIRING, curious, asking questions and exploring;
A is for ASSURED, confident in their own abilities; independent in their self-care;
D is for DETERMINED, striving to improve and showing pride at success;
Y is for YOUNG, eager to learn and full of potential.

...and when feeling safe and secure, Basildon children will....

  • happily separate from their parent and carer
  • express their needs and communicate their ideas
  • communicate with others developing friendship groups
  • try new things
  • be prepared to get dirty and messy
  • develop a growing awareness of the world around them and other people
  • celebrate their family and those of others
  • have a developing phonological awareness, enjoy being playful with sounds , rhymes and words
  • begin to take turns and develop an understanding of sharing
  • respect  others , resources and  their environment

Campaign poster: pdf icon Basildon School Readiness Project - The road to school readiness A4 poster [1Mb]

Links to guidance on how make sure your little one is school ready....

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