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How we work out council rent and service charges

How we work out tenants' housing rent and calculate leaseholder service and other charges.

How we work out your rent

Since April 2003 the rents charged by Basildon Council have been calculated by using the Government's national formula for calculating rent.

The Government's national formula for calculating rent is intended to:

  • Prevent councils from being able to set rents at whatever level they choose
  • Make sure rents are affordable
  • Remove unjustifiable differences between council rents and housing association rents

The national formula works out a target rent for each property. Each year individual rents will move towards the 'target rent' until we charge the full target rent in the year 2011/2012.

Calculating your service and other charges

Estate Cleaning service charges are based on the total cost of the service for each area.

The area cost is sub-divided into estate/block costs.

The estate/block costs are then divided between the number of properties within the estate/block and take into account the number of bedrooms within each property.

Estate Management and communal TV aerial charges are flat rate charges applied to tenants of flats and maisonettes, and are calculated to recover the cost of providing the service.

Support service charges are directly related to the cost of the support provided e.g., a Sheltered Warden or Careline charge.

Heating and hot water charges are based on the amount charged by the energy provider.

Water, sewerage and insurance charges are not set by the Council, these are set by the local Water Authority and Aviva Insurance UK Ltd.

Strategy and policy documents

pdf icon Income Collection Strategy 2009-2012 [919kb]

pdf icon Income Collection Policy June 2009 [152kb]

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