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Choose How to Pay

Making a payment to Basildon Council is becoming easier with more choices available. Pay council tax and/or rent via e-Services, a direct debit or recurring payment or pay online. More information is available below.


Setting up a Direct Debit

Direct Debits are the most convenient way to pay. Choose your payment date and relax, Basildon Council will take your payments as scheduled, so you have peace of mind your bills are being paid on time.

Payments can be made in full once a year or divided into instalments paid twice a year or 10/12 monthly instalments. Please note - if you have two unpaid Direct Debit payments in one financial year, this option will be withdrawn and you will have to pay Council Tax via a different method.

Choose your monthly payment dates from:

  • 1st
  • 6th
  • 14th
  • 22nd
  • 28th

Set up Direct Debits online here (opens new window) 

Create a Recurring Payment

Recurring Payments are similar to a Direct Debit, with a few technical differences. Like a Direct Debit, Recurring Payments are taken on an agreed date i.e. the first of every month.

Visit the link below to find out the differences between a Direct Debit and Recurring Payment plus how to create a payment.

Find out more and set up a Recurring Payment here

Pay by Instalments

Council tax can be paid over 12 monthly instalments on the 6th of each month.

Apply to pay Council Tax in instalments (opens new window)

Using e-Services for Payments 
Blue e-Services logo

For more frequent payments, you may consider a direct debit or recurring payment to be more useful. Then, you have peace of mind your bills are being paid on time and you don't need reminders to go online every month.

Instead of paying online when your invoices are due, sign into e-Services for more flexibility including:

  • Reminders when your direct debits are due 
  • Change your billing dates and bank details when you need to 
  • Apply for any council tax refunds and discounts 

  Sign up or log in to e-Services here

Pay Securely Online

A growing number of services are accepting online payments via Basildon Council's websites. This is convenient for one-off payments such as Car Parking Fines. Other services are available, including;

  • Business Rates
  • Council Tax
  • Housing/garage rents

Pay one-off invoices online (opens new window)

During COVID-19, we're unable to accept cash payments at the Basildon Centre. We apologise for any inconvenience, this is a measure taken to protect staff during the pandemic. We recommend paying online or making a cash payment at your bank, as below. 

Cash payment at the bank

Please make your council tax payment to the following account:

  • Sort code 30-80-12
  • Account number 1831 7060

Please remember to include your correct reference number, so we can make sure your account is credited. Depending on what you're paying, this is:

  • an invoice number from Basildon Council
  • a Council Tax account reference number
  • a Council housing/garage rent reference number

Post Office or PayPoint

Take your Council Tax bill to any Post Office or PayPoint outlet and scan the barcode on your bill.