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Online homeless self-referral and advice

Coronavirus Update
In response to the ongoing situation with Coronavirus and in line with Government guidance, we are changing our homelessness processes until further notice.

We request that you follow Government guidance on social distancing and not attend the Basildon Centre in person.

There will be no Housing Solutions officers in the building so we will be conducting all interviews over the telephone.  Please ensure you are in an appropriate place to have a detailed confidential conversation and if using a mobile phone, that it is sufficiently charged.

Are you staying with friends or family?

At this time of crisis we would ask that friends or family continue to support you with accommodation.  Where you are part of a household that is self-isolating we expect everybody to follow Government guidance and to remain together for at least 14 days.

Complete an Online Self-Referral Form

If you are homeless or at risk of becoming imminently homeless, you should complete an online homeless self-referral form in order to get access to the support and advice required.  We will be prioritising contact with those who are already homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness.

Use the following link to register and record your reasons for referring yourself to Basildon Council for homeless advice and support. (Full  instructions are included on the online self-referral form).

Please make sure the information you provide is as detailed as possible, so that your case can be accurately assessed by our Housing Solutions Team.

In order for us to carry out our assessment we may need you to email a clear photo of a form of identification. Unless we see a form of identification we will be unable to assist you fully.

We will need to see either:
•    a valid passport
•    a full birth certificate
•    or valid immigration documents.

Checking a copy of your identification is an interim measure.  At a future point we will need to see the physical document in person to fully verify it.

What happens next?

Once you have submitted the completed online self-referral form:

  • You will receive a text message within 10 working days to let you know when a housing assessment officer will contact you to explore your housing options.
  •  If it is then agreed that you are at imminent risk of homelessness, you will be offered a telephone appointment for a full housing assessment at which your housing options can be considered in more detail.

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