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Council Tax bands and charges 2024/2025

All properties, including rented accommodation, have been valued for Council Tax by The Valuation Office Agency, which is part of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Council Tax Valuation Bands

All properties, including rented accommodation, have been valued for Council Tax. The Valuation Office Agency, which is part of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), is responsible for property valuations.

The Valuation Office Agency works out the valuation band of the property, based on the market value as at 1 April 1991. Changes in house prices after this date do not affect the valuation.

Depending on its value, each property is put into one of eight valuation bands, A to H. Every March, Council Tax charge is set for properties in Band D. Properties in other bands will then pay a higher or lower proportion of that charge.

Council Tax Band Charges 2024/2025

Property Valuations (as at 1st April 1991)Band A up to £40,000Band B £40,001 to £52,000Band C £52,001 to £68,000Band D £68,001 to £88,000Band E £88,001 to £120,000Band F £120,001 to £160,000Band G £160,001 to £320,000Band H Over £320,000
Essex County Council£864.06£1008.07£1152.08£1296.09£1584.11£1872.13£2160.15£2592.18
Adult Social Care£150.96£176.12£201.28£226.44£276.76£327.08£377.40£452.88
Police Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex£164.28£191.66£219.04£246.42£301.18£355.94£410.70£492.84
Basildon Borough Council£197.16£230.02£262.88£295.74£361.46£427.18£492.90£591.48
Essex PFCC Fire and Rescue Authority£55.08£64.26£73.44£82.62£100.98£119.34£137.70£165.24
Total Council Tax (no parish charge)£1,431.54£1,670.13£1,908.72£2,147.31£2,624.49£3,101.67£3,578.85£4,294.62
Additional Parish Council Charges - Properties located within the boundaries of one of the following Parish Councils are liable for an additional Parish Council Charge, as shown below. These Parish Council charges are added to the total Council Tax bill.
Billericay Town£17.34£20.23£23.12£26.01£31.79£37.57£43.35£52.02
Grand Total:£1,448.88£1,690.36£1,931.84£2,173.32£2,656.28£3,139.24£3,622.20£4,346.64
Bowers Gifford and North Benfleet£24.00£28.00£32.00£36.00£44.00£52.00£60.00£72.00
Grand Total:£1,455.54£1,698.13£1,940.72£2,183.31£2,668.49£3,153.67£3,638.85£4,366.62
Great Burstead and South Green£8.34£9.73£11.12£12.51£15.29£18.07£20.85£25.02
Grand Total:£1,439.88£1,679.86£1,919.84£2,159.82£2,639.78£3,119.74£3,599.70£4,319.64
Little Burstead£54.12£63.14£72.16£81.18£99.22£117.26£135.30£162.36
Grand Total:£1,485.66£1,733.27£1,980.88£2,228.49£2,723.71£3,218.93£3,714.15£4,456.98
Noak Bridge£27.60£32.20£36.80£41.40£50.60£59.80£69.00£82.80
Grand Total:£1,459.14£1,702.33£1,945.52£2,188.71£2,675.09£3,161.47£3,647.85£4,377.42
Ramsden Bellhouse£53.28£62.16£71.04£79.92£97.68£115.44£133.20£159.84
Grand Total:£1,484.82£1,732.29£1,979.76£2,227.23£2,722.17£3,217.11£3,712.05£4,454.46
Ramsden Crays£18.00£21.00£24.00£27.00£33.00£39.00£45.00£54.00
Grand Total:£1,449.54£1,691.13£1,932.72£2,174.31£2,657.49£3,140.67£3,623.85£4,348.62
Grand Total:£1,447.26£1,688.47£1,929.68£2,170.89£2,653.31£3,135.73£3,618.15£4,341.78
   Wickford Town Council         £15.60£18.20£20.80£23.40£28.60£33.80£39.00£46.80
Grand Total:£1,447.14£1,688.33£1,929.52£2,170.71£2,653.09£3,135.47£3,617.85£4,341.42


The Council Tax Collection Fund

Basildon Borough Council collects your Council Tax and puts it into a fund called The Collection Fund. The money in this fund is shared amongst Essex County Council, the Police Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex, the Essex PFCC Fire and Rescue Authority and Basildon borough's town and parish councils.

Basildon Council uses its share of Council Tax to help pay for services including refuse collection, planning, leisure services and improving facilities for our community.

Essex County Council - Council Tax (opens new window) uses its share of Council Tax to pay for services such as social services, highways and libraries.

Police Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex and Essex Police (opens new window) uses its share of Council Tax to help pay for law enforcement and crime prevention services.

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service - Council Tax (opens new window) uses its share of Council Tax to help pay for fire fighting, fire prevention and rescue services.