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Grants to community and voluntary organisations 2024-25

Grants to voluntary and community groups based in the Basildon Borough.

This grant is available to all constituted voluntary and community groups based in the Basildon Borough and will fund up to £2,000 towards project costs.

Match funding is recommended but not essential.

Please note that the provision of voluntary and community grant funding is not a statutory Council duty. Grant funding has only been made available at the discretion of Basildon Council.

Please also be mindful that we may receive more applications than we can provide funding for. If this is the case then we may only be able to provide a part of the funding you have applied for, or we may not be able to provide any funding at all, even if your project meets all of the criteria. This applies to all grants.

Fund status

This fund will be open to applications on the 1st of April 2024.

  • Closing date for Round 1 funding applications:  5.15pm, Friday 28th June 2024
  • Closing date for Round 2 funding applications:  5.15pm, Friday 27th September 2024
  • Closing date for Round 3 funding applications:  5.15pm, Friday 31st January 2025

Conditions and eligibility criteria

  • Awarded to formally constituted voluntary and community organisations based in the Borough who provide benefits to the residents
  • Must also provide a recent bank statement (within the last three months) for the group/organisation
  • Grants awarded are between £100 and £2000.

Grant application forms

Ensure that you have read the Guidance Notes before completing the Online Application Form.

The Budget sheet is required to be provided alongside your application.

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