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Mayor's Charity Appeal Trust

The Mayor's Charity Appeal Trust for 2024/25 is St Luke's Hospice

Image showing the Mayor of Basildon Charity Appeal Logo

"St. Luke's Hospice is here for you when and where you need us.  As your local Hospice we provide compassionate care and work to ensure equity of access for all in our community.

Many people think our care is for those who are nearing the very end of their life, and that care is only accessible on-site at the Hospice. It surprises many to learn that St. Luke's Hospice provides 16 patient facing services - including Clinical Outpatients, Hospice Community Services, the In-Patient Unit, Supportive Care Services including a Carer's service, and Integrated Therapy Services.

Our Hospice teams support and care for people at many different stages of their life; from the point of diagnosis to their final days.  Our care ensures dignity and empowers people to make the choices they want from the moment they are diagnosed.  

St. Luke's Hospice is a registered charity and we rely on fundraising and donations.

If you need support, our OneResponse advice and support telephone line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - call 01268 526259."
Registered charity number - 289466

If you wish to make a donation to the Mayor's Charity Trust, please use the link below:

A look back at the Mayor's Charity Appeal Trust

Over the 2023-24 term the Mayor's Charity Appeal Trust raised £8600. to support Feeding the Family and Lennox Children's Cancer Fund, helping to provide funding needed to support families and children across the Borough.

Annual Reports 2023-24