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Report Anti-Social Behaviour

Report non-emergency anti-social behaviour

When reporting anti-social behaviour please give as much information as possible such as date, time, location and names of persons involved if known. If you have to report any incident to Essex Police (opens new window) make sure you ask for the crime log number and make a note of it, as this will help us gather evidence.

 Do it Online - Report anti-social behaviour

Telephone: 01268 533333

The telephone reporting service is available Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm (except on Bank Holidays).

IMPORTANT - Outside working hours and in an emergency. If you need immediate help please dial 999 for Police, Fire or Ambulance.

Dealing with anti-social behaviour


Neighbour problems

If the problem is with a neighbour then we recommend that you try and talk to the neighbour to see if the problem can be sorted out between you. You should only take this action if you feel it is safe and appropriate to do so.

Once you have spoken to the neighbour, allow a reasonable time before doing anything more, to see if there is any improvement. If there is no improvement then report anti-social behaviour online .

Actual or threatened violence and/or damage.

If the anti-social behaviour includes someone being:

1. violent or threatening you with violence

2. damaging or threatening damage to your property

you should contact Essex Police (opens new window) immediately, then contact the Anti-social Behaviour Team.

Hate crime

We take any allegations and incidents of hate crime very seriously and we will help any resident who is a victim of hate crime.

If a tenant or a  leaseholder (or a member of their household or visitor to their property) threatens, abuses or insults anyone in this manner they risk prosecution and could lose their home.

If you are the victim of any hate crime you should contact  Essex Police (opens new window) immediately, then contact the Anti-social Behaviour Team.

Noise nuisanceIf the problem is noise nuisance you should contact Basildon Council's Environmental Health services.
Youth nuisance and other problemsAny other reports of anti social behaviour such as youth nuisance should be reported to the Anti-social Behaviour Team with details of the problem.


What happens once you have reported anti-social behaviour

  • Our Anti-Social Behaviour team will acknowledge your report and where appropriate give you advice on how to sort the problem out.
  • Some problems can be resolved easily but if the anti-social behaviour is more serious we will need to arrange an interview to talk to you in more detail before we start a full investigation.
  • At the initial interview an account of what has happened so far will be taken to help us decide on the most appropriate action.
  • In very serious cases we will make contact with you within 1 working day.
  • In all other cases we aim to hold this interview within 4 working days of you making your complaint.
  • During the interview, we will assess the type of problem you are experiencing and possible solutions will be discussed with you.
  • At the end of the interview we will agree an action plan with you, setting out what will happen next.
  • This will usually include gathering further evidence and contacting other witnesses or agencies.
  • In some cases we may ask you to keep a log of any further incidents in an incident diary.
  • If for any reason you are unable to complete diaries, alternative methods of collecting information can be considered.
  • With your permission we may refer you to a mediation agency that can help resolve conflict between neighbours concerning excessive noise, children,  parking disputes, barking dogs and parties. 
  • We may also refer you to Basildon Council's Environmental Health Services who can help deal with more serious noise nuisance or dog problems.
  • We will treat any information you give us as confidential and will not use it without your consent.
  • We will ask your permission before we contact the person you are complaining about.
  • [Basildon Council] will consider all the options available when investigating and taking action in a case of anti-social behaviour. 
  • The actions, which include fast track responses in serious cases, are increasing, with the emphasis being on bringing about real changes in the behaviour of those who cause anti-social behaviour.
  • We have a range of powers to tackle anti-social behaviour and we will take action against anyone who is committing anti-social behaviour regardless of whether they are a tenant or not (with the exception of action against the tenancy).

Essex Restorative and Mediation Service

In some circumstances, we may recommend using the Essex Restorative and Mediation Service. The service provides individuals harmed by crime, conflict, or antisocial behaviour an opportunity to communicate with the person responsible, and aims to find positive, mutually agreed outcomes for all.

It is a voluntary process and both sides must agree for contact to take place. This is a free service. For more information, please visit:  Home - Restorative Justice (