If you want to feel better about life, get fit, or just try a couple of hours of environmental conservation work then our Countryside Volunteers Service is the place for you.

Countryside volunteersVolunteer  Work Parties

Working out in the open air is a great way to find out for yourself the health benefits of volunteering outdoors.

You can join one of our environmental conservation work parties at any of the following council owned nature reserves or country parks:

  • Mill Meadows Local Nature Reserve
  • Nevendon Bushes Local Nature Reserve
  • Noak Bridge Local Nature Reserve
  • Norsey Wood Local Nature Reserve
  • Queens Park Country Park
  • Wat Tyler Country Park.

Further information

Complete an online request for countryside volunteer information: Become a Countryside Volunteer

Phone: Countryside Volunteers on 01268 208090

Email: countryside@basildon.gov.uk

Information for countryside volunteers

Tools and safety advice

Tools and safety advice will be provided by Countryside Service staff.

Individual Volunteering - work alongside a countryside ranger

This is suitable or those that wish to volunteer on an individual basis and work alongside a countryside ranger, we recruit people to cater for a wide range of activities that reflect the abilities of the individual and their personal requirements from volunteering.

The opportunity to take part in this sort of volunteering is flexible, in that you give only whatever time you choose to volunteer, towards whichever tasks appeal to you.

The sorts of tasks you can get involved with:

  • Patrolling sites
  • Providing information and advice to visitors
  • Promoting the safety of visitors and the protection of landscape and wildlife
  • Encouraging appropriate behaviour and compliance with bye-laws, country code and regulations by visitors
  • Collecting and disposing of litter
  • Carrying out small scale routine maintenance and repair work
  • Assisting with the management of the natural resources of the site through involvement in regular practical work tasks.
  • Maintaining a site diary.
  • Staffing the visitor centres
  • Leading guided or Health walks
  • Monitoring & Recording Wildlife
  • Assisting Education staff with school visits
  • Working on office based projects and helping with administration