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About Planning Enforcement In Basildon Borough

Basildon Council Planning Enforcement can pursue enforcement action when it is found that a breach of planning control regulations has been committed.

Planning enforcement is an important and distinct function within the planning process.

The Council's Planning Enforcement Service investigates alleged breaches of planning control, including cases where:

  • Building work is underway, or has been undertaken, without the required planning permission.
  • Conditions attached to planning consents are not being complied with.
  • There are, or have been, unauthorised changes in the use of land and/or buildings.

Except in the case of listed buildings and advertisements which have their own specific regulations; it is generally not a criminal offence to carry out building works without first obtaining planning consent however, if it is later found that the building works constitute a breach of planning control then Basildon Council has the power to take enforcement action. Unauthorised developments can have serious and adverse impacts upon neighbouring properties and the local environment and in the most serious cases a Planning Enforcement Notice can require the complete demolition and clearance of the site.

As the local planning authority, Basildon Council's priorities are to:

  • Protect amenity.
  • Safeguard the built and rural environment, including Green Belt, from inappropriate development.
  • Uphold local planning policy.

The Government advises local planning authorities that they should only resort to enforcement action when necessary and when there is obvious harm or nuisance. Enforcement action is discretionary and local planning authorities are required to act proportionally in responding to suspected breaches of planning Control.

Householders permitted development rights

Certain types of development do not require local planning authority permission as they are permitted by the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015.

Comprehensive information on a householders permitted development rights is freely available on the Planning Portal website, see:

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