The digital world has transformed our daily lives.  With so much technology out there designed to help you engage and access services, we have conducted some research and testing and have identified some of the apps that we feel will help you to get the most efficient and effective service as we continue to adapt how we provide our services to you.

If you need to send us scanned documents there are free Scanner apps available for you to download from the app store. We have chosen these particular apps as they are easily accessible to all, simple to use and will run on older and newer versions of your device's software.

For many applications, we require evidence to be provided to support your eligibility and in most circumstances, this can be provided digitally.  When submitting any digital image to the Council, please follow these steps

  • Ensure when capturing the image you get the whole document in the frame and you are as close as possible to the document while still keeping the image in focus.
  • Take the picture in a bright environment.
  • Try to keep as still as possible.
  • Try using the available enhancements and filters in the app. Unlike a camera phone these are designed to enhance document images to appear more like actual document files as opposed to photographs.
  • If applicable / required, look to increase your cameras resolution and look to see if your camera has a document mode which could be used to improve the image.

 Here are a few that we have tried and tested... Why not try them for yourself?

Genius Scan Genius Scan

What we like about this App;

  • Available for both Apple and Android devices
  • Extensive and simple documentation provided to help users

Download the App

Evernote Scannable Evernote Scannable

What we like about this App;

  • It is compatible with older operating platforms so you don't need the latest iphone to use it
  • Simple to use

Available for Apple devices only

Download the App

Simple Scan Simple Scan


What we like about this App;

  • It is all in the name - its simplicity, ease of use and it is very intuitive
  • It is compatible with older operating platforms so you don't need the latest devices to use it.

Available for Google devices only

Download the App


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