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  • Business Rates - Register for Business Rates e-Billing

Business Rates - Register for Business Rates e-Billing

Basildon Council offers Business Rates e-Billing. Register online here and we will send your Business Rates bill direct to your inbox.

To register for Business Rates e-Billing, please complete the online form further down this page.

When you are registered for e-Billing we will send your Annual Business Rates Bill direct to your inbox as an email attachment in Adobe Acrobat Reader (pdf)  format. You can then either print the bill yourself or store the Acrobat Reader file in your own business IT system.

After you have registered...

To change your e-Billing email address

If you are already registered and you would like to change the email address on your e-Billing registration, simply complete and submit the following online form again with the new email address.

Please note: this form should only be used to update your e-Billing email address. If any of the following occur, then please also see Business Rates - Report A Change Of Address / Circumstances:

  • There is a change of contact address
  • There is a change of business address
  • You are occupying a new business premises
  • You have ceased trading.

To cancel your e-Billing registration

To cancel your e-Billing registration at any time simply contact the Revenues Services, Business Rates section by phone or email, see contact details at bottom of this page.

Register for Business Rates e-Billing here...

iCM Form
    1. Company or individual's business name
    2. Business premises address details
    3. Address to which correspondence should be sent ( if different to the premises address )
    4. NNDR Business Rates account number
      1. You will find your NNDR Business Rates account number on your last NNDR Business Rates bill, ( it's a 10 digit number starting '17...' ).
    5. Business contact phone number
    6. The eMail address to which your NNDR business Rates bills should now be sent
      1. Please ensure the inbox for the email address you enter here is accessible by more than one person in your business. This is to ensure that bills you are sent are not missed.

      2. IMPORTANT: Don't forget to re-submit this form if you change your business email address.

    7. If you would like to find out more about how Basildon Borough Council use your personal data please go to

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