How do you feel about the place you live in?

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Our borough is changing all the time and while we can't stop change, we can influence it.

Over the summer we will be out and about across the borough talking to people about where they live. In this short survey, which is also featured in this summer's edition of our together magazine, we want you to tell us what you love about where you live and what you want to see more of to make it even better.

How we talk about a place helps to define it. So we are interested in what you say. We want to take a look into the future together and make the places we live in the best they can be.

We'll be adding events, survey and feedback to the website over the coming weeks and months, so keep coming back to check.

Complete the survey online now

Alternatively, if you would like to receive a hard copy of the survey or request it in a different format e.g. large print, please contact us, see contact details at bottom of this page .

Deadline for your comments

This survey has been extended to run until mid October 2019.

How we will use your responses

We will use what you say in this survey to help us develop strategies to promote civic pride, attract new business to the borough, encourage people to live and work here and to spend more time and money in the local area.

The responses from this survey will be used together with information we gain from conversations with people over the summer and from additional research.

Further information and enquiries

For further information and enquiries please contact Basildon Council's Communications Team, see contact details below.