Basildon Council's Housing Options Service facilitates a periodic Landlord Forum. The Landlord Forum is an ideal opportunity for landlords and anyone interested in letting a property in the borough to:

  • share experiences
  • meet with council officers from Housing Services, Environmental Health Services and the Housing Benefits Team
  • find out about our new 'Property Solutions' package
  • learn about the role Basildon Council can play in support of the private rented sector.

Forums include talks and guest speakers on a variety of relevant subjects with opportunities to ask questions and discuss issues affecting the borough's landlords.

Basildon Council wants to see best possible use made of all available housing throughout the borough and is keen to promote and increase the use of empty private homes as rented accommodation.

The Forum also seeks to promote good practice by spreading awareness of landlord's legal obligations, increasing awareness of changes in legislation and allowing the Council to consult with landlords on new policies/ideas.

Landlord Forum meeting dates:

The details of the next Landlord Forum are as follows:

  • Date: TBA
  • Time: TBA
  • Location: TBA

If you have any ideas about items for discussion, and/or information you would like us to include in future forums, please contact us so that we can best meet your needs and interests in upcoming events.

Previous Landlord Forums

On the 15th November 2018 Basildon Councils Landlord Forum took place once again. Please find the presentations of the forum below.


If you attended a forum and would like to give your feedback so that they may be improved in the future, please fill out the form below and send it to the contact listed within.

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The Temporary Accommodation and Private Sector Lettings Team are dedicated to keeping an up to date list of landlord and agent contacts. If you would like to join our Landlords Forum mailing list please contact us.

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