The 'Crunch' is at different locations throughout the borough most Saturdays and is available between 9am and 12pm.

The 'Crunch' will accept: all large household waste from domestic premises such as furniture, TVs and electrical appliances as well as garden waste including wood, stones and bricks etc.

The 'Crunch' will NOT accept: paint, oil, liquids or hazardous materials (such as batteries or asbestos). Large electrical appliances should be brought to Barleylands Recycling Centre to be recycled.

You can also view of full list of where the Crunch will be by Date or by Location.

The Crunch will next be at:

Image of a red google map pin- Household waste only Crunch. Image of a Green map pin - Household and garden waste Crunch.

All scheduled Crunch locations and dates

If you make use of other waste disposal methods please note:

People or businesses who transport, buy, sell or dispose of waste must be registered. You can check registration of waste carriers, brokers and dealers here