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Information on the changes to Dry Recyclable Waste

Basildon Council is moving to the following collection service on the 27th November:   

  • A weekly separated recycling service with two reusable sacks provided per household, one white for plastics and cans and the other blue for paper and cardboard, will be replacing your weekly pink sack service.

What you need to do from 27 November onwards:

  • Place your black sacks into your provided wheeled bin and place out for collection on the same day as your orange glass box.  

  • Separate your recyclable materials into the appropriate reusable sack. Paper and card materials will need to go in your blue reusable sack and plastics and cans into your white reusable sack.

  • Place your reusable sacks out weekly on your usual collection day, crews will empty these and return them to the collection point empty for you to use again.   


  • Basildon currently produces and throws away over 10 million pink sacks a year - these are single-use plastic, we need to stop these being sent to landfill.   

  • To improve the quality of recyclable materials, with the separate sorting of materials there will be less contamination effecting the reuse of the materials  

  • We can also reduce costs to the council through improved processing.  


Two sacks will be provided - a blue one for paper and cardboard and a white one for plastics and cans. 


If residents find that the sacks do not provide enough space to dispose of their recycling waste after the service goes live on 27th November, we will provide a form to be able to request additional sacks free of charge.


The capacity of each reusable sack is 90 litres. 


The sacks are made from a durable material that have a weighted base with handles and Velcro fastening. 


The vehicle collecting the materials will collect both reusable sacks. The vehicles will have two separate points for each material.  


Asking residents to clean and separate their waste will enhance the quality of material collected and reduce contamination, reducing our impact on the environment and processing costs.   


This change will impact schools.

They will receive new communal bins to separate recycling materials before the service starts.   


This change will impact sheltered schemes.

They will receive new communal bins to separate recycling materials before the service starts.  


This change will impact some community centres and places of worship.

Please contact Basildon Council to discuss your collection arrangements if needed:


We will collect recyclable materials outside of the provided containers, as long as the following applies:

  • Recyclable materials are clearly identifiable,
  • the recyclable material is neatly presented.

For example, large cardboard boxes can be flattened and put to the side of the containers.  


This change will impact flats with communal shared bins.

  • Flats with communal bins will continue to have a weekly collection but will receive new communal shared bins, one for paper and card and the other for plastics and cans.
  • They will need to sort their materials into the separate communal bins.
  • Flats will receive a smaller re-usable bag to assist residents in transporting materials from their property to the communal bins.

Kerbside flats collections will receive reusable sacks as normal.