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Information on changes to non-recyclable waste

Basildon Council is moving to the following collection service on the 27th November:   

  • A fortnightly 180 litre wheeled bin collection for your non-recyclable waste. This will be replacing your weekly black sack collection services.

What you need to do from 27 November onwards:

  • Place your black sacks into your provided wheeled bin and place out for collection on the same day as your orange glass box. 


  • The black sacks are easily ripped by foxes and rubbish escapes out of them. We want to stop this. Following a consultation, 68% of residents supported the introduction of a wheeled bin for non-recyclable waste collections. 

  • We want to significantly increase the amount of waste in the borough being recycled and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill -  currently 66% of materials found in black sacks are recyclable materials 

  • We know that most people want to recycle and want to make this easier for everyone, By 2025 we want to reach a  target of reaching 55% 


We consulted on waste and recycling changes in Summer 2022 and Winter 2023.

68% of residents either strongly support or support the introduction of a wheeled bin for non-recyclable waste collections. 


The capacity is 180litres. This can fit around three black sacks. 


Each area will be judged on a case-by-case basis. We will make necessary adjustments for those that are not suitable for wheeled bins. 


We will make adjustments for those that struggle using a bin. Residents that are elderly and/or disabled can arrange for an assisted collection by contacting the council.  


This change will not impact schools as they already have communal bins.  Weekly collections will be retained for properties that have communal bins. 


This will not impact sheltered schemes as they have communal bins.

If a scheme does not have communal shared bins, they will be provided with the appropriate amount of communal bins prior to the service going live. 


This change will impact some community centres and places of worship.

Please contact Basildon Council to discuss your collection arrangements if needed:


Larger households may be eligible for a second wheeled bin. 

If households find that the bin does not provide enough space to dispose of their waste after the service goes live on 27th November, we will provide a form to be able to request an additional bin  free of charge.

You will need to meet set criteria. We will need to carry out an assessment of your waste needs to ensure that you are eligible. Please read our policy and check whether you can apply.  


We will not collect Non-recyclable materials outside of the provided container(s).

All materials must be contained within the wheeled bin(s) and the lid must be closed.   


This change will not impact flats with communal shared bins. They will continue to have a weekly collection from their existing communal bins.

Kerbside flat collections will receive a wheeled bin if suitable and move to fortnightly collections.