Please note, these questions only apply if your household is taking part in the Food Trial.

In order to understand how the service may work, we are undertaking a small-scale trial of separate food waste collections from 100 properties over a 6-week period to capture real meaningful feedback from residents. This will ensure the Council get the service right for you.  

If you have any specific feedback, questions or comments you can email and a member of the team will be able to help you. All feedback is welcome and encouraged as part of the trial.  

For more information on the trial, see here: About the Food Waste Collection Trial

You can put your food waste loosely in the food caddy or use newspaper. We recommend using fully compostable food liners, we will be providing you with a set amount for the trial. Please do not use plastic carrier bags as this does not break down and will not be collected.   

Kitchen caddies were issued a number of years ago, so we are issuing them to all residents in the trial. We will collect any surplus caddies at the end of the trial .

Ideally, we would like you to use your food waste caddy to determine the effectiveness of the trial. However, if you are lacking space or it is necessary, you can use the green bin. Please let us know if you have had to do this due to the capacity of the external caddy not being sufficient.  

Please do not put food waste in your black sack. Please use your new food caddy.  

Not all food can be composted at home. Please place meat, bones, fish and dairy in your food caddy.  

You can purchase fully compostable food liners from most supermarkets and general stores, or you can dispose food waste without liners or wrapped in newspaper. Please let us know how many sacks you use each week.  

Making sure the indoor caddy is lined will help keep it clean. Also, washing both caddies after each collection by hand or in the dishwasher will keep them clean and eliminate any smells.  

Yes. Compostable items which you would normally collect in a container inside your home to take out to your green bin can be put in your food waste caddy.  

No. Unfortunately we cannot collect pet food.  

No. Compostable plastic items all differ, need specific conditions to break down, and decompose at varying rates.  

What can go into the caddie?

  • Eggs and egg shells 
  • Rice, pasta and beans 
  • Baked goods i.e. bread, cakes, pastries 
  • Fruit and Vegetables - including raw and cooked vegetables, peelings
  • Shredded paper
  • Cut flowers

What can't go into the caddie?

  • Any kind of packaging, including plastic bags  
  • Liquids such as milk, oil - these may leak causing spillages when transporting the food waste
  • Cat litter/animal faeces  
  • Compostable cutlery or other compostable items 
  • Garden waste - you can either compost or put it in your green wheelie bin 
  • Glass