As part of ambitious plans to help residents recycle more, Basildon Council is undertaking a trial of separate food waste collections. This is for several reasons, including: 

  • To meet future legislation (The Government's Environment Bill)  
  • To increase the amount of food waste being recycled 
  • To make it easier for residents to segregate their waste 
  • To reduce our environmental impact and meet the requirements of the Council's ambitious waste strategy 

In order to understand how the service may work, we are undertaking a small-scale trial of separate food waste collections from 100 properties over a 6-week period to capture real meaningful feedback from residents. This will ensure the Council get the service right for you.  

If you have any specific feedback, questions or comments you can email and a member of the team will be able to help you. All feedback is welcome and encouraged as part of the trial.  

We have selected the streets involved to represent different areas in the borough. Your participation and feedback will help us to plan a borough-wide introduction of the service. 

Participants will receive a small kitchen caddy with fully compostable food liners, and a larger outdoor caddy to empty this into. All you need to do is place the larger outdoor caddy outside with your other waste and recycling on your normal collection day by 7.30am.  This will be collected weekly by a separate collection team, who will be completing a monitoring sheet. This is nothing to worry about, we will simply be collating some data to help us gauge the amount of food waste generated and the capacity  

Initially the trial will start with containers and liners being delivered the week commencing the 7th December and will run for 6 weeks in which the containers will be collected on the week commencing 18th January. Near the end of the trial we will contact participants to ask for their views on the service.  

Monday - Harris Close, Wickford   

Tuesday - Horace Road, Billericay    

Wednesday - Mahonia Drive, Langdon Hills   

Thursday - Lingcroft, Basildon   

Friday - Throwley Close, Pitsea  

You will be provided with a survey to complete at the end of the trial to provide us feedback on the trial and the service. During the trial, you can provide specific feedback by emailing with any questions and comments. Please provide us with as much feedback as possible.    

The trial is for a  6 week period only, it will then  revert back to the current collection service, with food and garden waste collected together in the green wheelie bin.

We will collect the external food caddy containers back from you. We will take your feedback on board to ensure the future separate food waste collection service meets requirements.   

The council will provide appropriate container when the food waste is collected separately and will take on board feedback from the trial.