A £20,000 upgrade is taking place in Langdon Hills, to replace the existing lighting with new and improved LED lighting.

This is happening after a walkabout in the Langdon Hills estate, which included engaging with residents to identify any work that required improvement as part of the council's lighting upgrade project.

After scoping the area, approximately 100 lights will now be replaced and upgraded to the new LED lights. The LED lamps are longer-lasting, require less maintenance and use less electricity than other conventional lamps. 

The lights are in the processing of being ordered, and will be installed by our contractor as soon as the materials are available.

£4,000 of that amount has already been spent on upgrading our housing landlords lighting to LED lamps, which has been completed by Morgan Sindall.

Chairman of the Housing and Communities Committee, Councillor Kerry Smith, said: "I'm grateful that we could get these lighting improvements for our residents of Langdon Hills. We know that better lighting, means that people feel safer which improves their quality of life.

"The council do not want any area of the borough to feel let down by a lack of high quality lighting."


Published on Tuesday 24 November 2020