A swing for all children to use regardless of their mobility has been added to the play area on Elder Avenue thanks to members of the Nevendon Neighbourhood Association, Veolia, and Basildon Council.

Decorative image showing members of the Nevendon Neighbourhood Association, Cllr David Harrison (centre-right, grey jacket) and Basildon Council staff with the specialist swing unveiled for all kids in WickfordThe collaborative project was initiated by the Nevendon Neighbourhood Association who wanted to install an additional piece of play equipment to the play area to improve inclusivity.

"Creating outdoors play areas for all children in Wickford is one of the better parts of being a councillor - it's common-sense good work that helps brighten young lives," Cllr David Harrison said.

"Partnerships with residents to make our borough better for everyone are key for our council.

"The Titan Shared-Use Swing is designed to enable children of different abilities aged five to 12 years old enjoy playing together, and can accommodate six kids at a time - the first of its kind in the borough." 

The project received generous financial support from Veolia, who gave £10,114 towards the equipment, alongside £7,500 from the Nevendon Neighbourhood Association with a top-up of £500 from the Basildon Council who created and manage the playground.

Additional safety surfacing to existing equipment was also installed as part of the project.

Published on Monday 24 February 2020