A waste strategy to help reduce Basildon environmental impact and provide services fit for the future has moved a step forward.

Plans to deliver a long term strategy were approved by Basildon's Neighbourhoods and Public Spaces Committee last night (Wednesday 27 November) Councillors voted to support steps to develop a waste strategy for the borough and bring back a delivery plan to a future committee.

The aim of the strategy is to begin the process of understanding how the council can use data to create a more efficient, environmentally sound service. The strategy also aims to explore ways to provide a service that matches the ambition of the council in terms of delivering high performance with residents and businesses at its heart, and meets the challenges of the next ten years.

Chairman of the Neighbourhoods and Public Spaces Committee Councillor David Harrison said: "Reducing our environmental impact is something we all have to come to terms with. By being proactive and moving this strategy forward we are taking positive steps to minimising this, and providing services that meet our ambitions and help residents to reduce their environmental impact.

"We face unprecedented challenges but we have the opportunity to make sure that all our operations are cost effective, efficient and provide good outcomes for your immediate environment, and the wider environment.

"We are currently running an analogue service in a digital world and things have to change. We will be using the knowledge and data on our borough to drive forward a strategy that can meet the needs of our residents whilst meeting our legislative and social responsibilities."

Published on Thursday 28 November 2019