15 February 2019 - Chairmen of all Basildon Council committees signed a letter at last night's Full Council meeting, to be delivered with their full consultation response to the Essex County Council proposals to close Vange and Fryerns libraries.

The letter calls on Essex County Council to work with Basildon Council and consider options that might retain the broad services provided by libraries in those wards.

Councillor Baggott, Leader of Basildon Council, states in the letter: "The council recognises and agrees that the current library service is in need of modernisation and notes with concern that the libraries at Fryerns and Vange are recommended for a complete withdrawal of services and closure.

"We recognise the value of libraries as centres of learning, community hubs and that they provide a vital service for our residents. Therefore, we pledge to work with our county council partners in this regard and will consider options around location, service access and opening hours as part of this review.

Additionally we will actively support efforts to involve the local community in both shaping and delivering future library provision in the borough, specifically we strongly advocate the retention of library facilities in the areas of greatest need."

The full consultation response can be viewed here: Icon for pdf Response to libraries consultation [315.07KB]

The consultation is due to run until Wednesday 20 February (or 21 February for online responses) and can be found at www.essex.gov.uk