07 February 2019 - Gangs awareness and online safety were among the topics discussed at a pilot community awareness session last week (Wednesday 30 January).

Representatives from the Safer Basildon Partnership with members of Parsol Residents Association and EST ESafety Training  The Safer Basildon Partnership organised the event alongside Parasol Residents Association, which is based at the Paddocks Community Hall in Laindon.

Representatives from Essex Police, EST ESafety Training and Reach Every Generation hosted a series of talks focusing on gangs, drug related crime, exploitation and crime prevention. There was also an opportunity for residents to ask questions to the speakers on the topics being covered.

Scott Logan, Chairman of Safer Basildon, said: "We are committed to working together to reduce crime rates, provide reassurance and raise awareness of issues affecting our residents and we would like to thank Parasol Residents Association for working with us.

"Safer Basildon has identified a number of key community safety priorities following feedback from residents, including violence and vulnerability, gangs and drug related crime. It's important that we raise awareness in our communities by providing information on how people can protect themselves and their property, as well as the knowledge to recognise crimes which may otherwise go undetected."

Jason Petty, from Parasol Residents Association, added: "This was an opportunity to not only find out about crime prevention and how to keep our family safe online, but also to hear about the work of Safer Basildon and the local policing team. We also got to ask questions and raise our own concerns around community safety in our area."

You can find out more about the work of Safer Basildon at www.basildon.gov.uk/saferbasildon or find them on Facebook and Twitter.