Results of elections for Borough Councillors in 14 of the Borough's 16 Wards and how they affect the political composition of the Council.

Elections for Borough Councillors in 14 of the Borough's 16 Wards took place on Thursday 2nd May 2019.
There were no elections in the Crouch or Langdon Hills wards this year.

The Returning Officer for the elections is Scott Logan, Chief Executive of Basildon Borough Council.

Election Status: In Progress

Election results for each political Ward plus Wards summary

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How the 2019 election results affect the Council's political composition

Political groupSeats held before the May 2019 electionSeats held following the May 2019 electionSeats Gained / Lost Overall
Small image of the Conservative Party Logo 2018Conservative2420  -4
Image showing the Green Party England and Wales Colour LogoGreen Party00   0
Blank image - No Political Group LogoIndependents23 +1
Small colour image of the Labour Party Logo 2018Labour1315 +2
Image showing the Liberal Democrat Party Colour LogoLiberal Democrats00   0
Blank image - No Political Group LogoNethermayne Independents21  -1
Small colour image of the UKIP Party Logo 2018UK Independence Party (UKIP)11   0
Small colour image of the Wickford Independents Party Logo 2018Wickford Independents Free From Party Politics02 +2

See also: Borough Ward map showing Political distribution of Council seats following local election on 2nd May 2019.

Further information and enquiries

For further further information and enquires please contact Basildon Council's Electoral Services Team, see contact details below.