Basildon Growth Club has been established specifically to provide support and expertise to Basildon based businesses that want to increase their business growth.

Image of the Basildon for Business Brand LogoThe Growth Club aims to create a culture of growth amongst the SME business community through innovation, international trade, knowledge transfer and networking.

Ask yourself...

  • Are you keen to grow and scale up your business but not sure where to start?
  • Do you want to share and learn from the success of other business owners?
  • Are you looking for technical help and advice to solve a business problem?
  • Want to explore business support projects that may help grow your business?
  • Do you believe that networking can help grow your business?

If your answer to any of above questions is "YES", then Basildon Growth Club could be very useful in helping you reach your business goals.

Join Basildon Growth Club now - Membership is FREE to Basildon based businesses

Basildon Growth Club has a growing and diverse range of members ranging from virtual reality developers to advanced laser cutters. Members meet once every two months to share their business growth experiences, and sometimes their frustrations, but above all; it's about opportunities, intelligence and trends in their respective industries.

Club meetings are organised by Basildon Council's Economic Development Team which works continuously to facilitate networking between club members and regional business support providers. Their aim is to encourage SMEs with growth potential to take up the FREE specialist business support on offer to help them grow their businesses in a sustainable manner.

FREE specialist business support can include:

  • international trade advice
  • innovation support
  • business mentoring
  • business grants
  • knowledge transfer from universities.

For further information and enquiries