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Public Safety is always paramount when assessing demolition works.

If you intend to carry out a demolition or you need information or advice regarding demolition then please Contact Building Control

The Building Act 1984: Sections 80-83

The Building Act 1984 contains provisions that enable local authorities to control certain demolition works for the protection of public safety and to ensure adjoining premises and the site are made good on completion of the demolition.

A notice of conditions is issued that can require certain works to be undertaken to achieve these aims. It does not apply to minor buildings.

Procedure - Giving us notice of your intention to carry out a demolition.

Section 80 of the Building Act 1984 places an obligation on anyone intending to demolish a building to give notice to the Building Control Section

On receipt of the notice a surveyor will carry out a site survey to determine what conditions will be necessary to control the process of demolition, the remedial works needed on adjoining buildings, the effects on services and the treatment of the site on completion.

The Council has the statutory period of six weeks to issue the demolition notice but we aim to do this within 2 weeks or earlier.

Copies of the notice will be sent to the utility services and to adjoining owners/occupiers as required by the Act. The notice may include items such as;

  • Smoke - If it is agreed that bonfires are allowed guidelines need to be adhered to especially with the type of material be burnt.
  • Adjoining buildings - certain conditions can be issued that require protection to buildings directly effected by the demolition.
  • Dust and noise - sometimes conditions can be issued that control aspects of dust and noise generation.

When notified of commencement, the surveyor can carry out inspections during the course of demolition and on completion to ensure the conditions of demolition are met.

This will be dependant on the complexity of demolition and any works that may need to be carried out to make the site safe.

Attention should also be drawn to the Construction Design and Management Regulations 1984 that apply to all demolition works.