Image showing the Basildon Soup Brand LogoWhat it does

Brings people together to share ideas.

Provides a small amount of money to help local people with their good ideas.

What it's not

Basildon Soup is not religious or political. People of every religion and none are welcome. We ask that everyone respects the difference and diversity to be found at Basildon Soup and that you enjoy having perceptions challenged during interesting conversations with new people from the borough.

How it works

People pay a donation of £5.

People meet and get to know one another - by sharing experiences and stories.

People with good ideas get five minutes with a short time afterwards for questions to share what they want to do, and how they'll use the money if they win. No slide shows, but props are welcome.

Everyone who has made a minimum donation of £5 gets to vote for the idea/project/group they want to see happen.

If people feel passionate about the idea/project/group, they can also offer to help to make it happen this could be buy volunteering or providing extra money to the idea.

The idea with the most votes wins the money in the soup pot.

Good ideas

People can submit their idea before the event. You can submit your idea online, see Submit a Basildon Soup funding proposal online now...

The ideas/project/group will be posted on line before the event.

The rules

People can come up with any idea suitable for a community. This could be an artistic venture, a business idea or anything that helps the community. It could be an individual, group and/or community benefit.

There are no rules about selecting winners. No panels and no selection criteria. The people that attend will be given a voting slip to choose which idea they like the most.

There are no rules about how the money should be spent. We trust people to use the funding as they've said they will, but if they use it another way, that's ok some of the best ideas evolve!  All we ask is that people let Basildon Soup know how they get on.

Thanks to...

Southend Soup and Colchester Soup for inspiring this pilot event and allowing us to draw on their web page content.

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