Through the commitment of our Head of Customer Services, we aim to ensure a better service for all of our customers. You can read our Customer Charter and Customer Strategy which further details our commitment to putting customers first. We welcome customer feedback so you can also have your say.

Our vision is to create opportunity and improve lives. We do this by placing the customer at the heart of everything we do.

We are pleased to publish Basildon Council's Icon for pdf Customer Policy [762.19KB] and Icon for pdf Customer Charter [749.41KB].

To demonstrate our continued commitment to putting the customer first as an organisation we will;

  • Always be helpful, courteous and respectful.
  • Listen to you and always respond to your enquiry accurately, clearly and fairly.
  • Use plain and correct English when we write to you or speak to you.
  • Provide full contact details for all services in easily accessed documents when we contact you.
  • Explain our decisions clearly if we cannot meet your expectations.
  • Respect your confidentiality at all times, and look after information you give us and treat it as required by the Data Protection Act.
  • Offer accessibility to our services for everyone.
  • Provide staff with the training they need to be able to give you accurate advice and information in order to give the best customer care.
  • Answer all your questions. If we can't do so straight away we will tell you who can and refer the details to them.
  • Share relevant details with other departments within the Council to improve service delivery
  • Arrange for a signer to attend an interview if this will help you.
  • Use and develop technology to improve direct customer access to information.

This is also reflected in our Service Impact Assessment (SIA) which is a tool for identifying the potential impact of a council's policies, services and functions on its residents and staff aiding in delivering excellent services to residents by making sure that these reflect the needs of the community Icon for pdf Customer Services - Service Impact Assessment 2017 [914.5KB].

For a chart showing the structure of our organisation including who is in charge of Customer Services see, Open Data - Basildon Council Management Structure Chart.

What to expect?

You can expect us to deliver our services in accordance to our service standards and in line with our core principles.

We are committed to improving and adapting our services and ensuring we are sufficiently agile to meet the changing demands of our customers.

Our Promise to You

Service Feedback: We welcome feedback through our  Comments, Compliments and Complaints  channels.

Contacting Us: With most our services available online, service accessibility is broader than ever.

Service Standards: We have service specific standards to ensure you get a good customer experience, you can access the details of our Service Standards.

Partnership Working: We work with our partners (including local businesses and public service providers) to deliver the best outcomes for our borough and its residents.

Get Involved

Basildon Council is committed to providing continuous service improvements.

 You can contribute to our improvements by:

  • Making use of our online services to reduce the overall costs of service delivery. It is usually the quickest and easiest way to access our products and services and is available to you 24 hours a day, everyday. You can use our website to find information, pay a bill, request a service and more.
  • Making an online payment or by using our automated payment line - 0330 0884 754 - for a simple and secure transaction.
  • Keep us up to date with any changes that may affect the services we provide for instance your contact details or other changes relating to benefits and council tax. You can update your details by filling in the relevant online form.
  • Treat our staff and other customers with courtesy and respect. All incidents are recorded and will be visible against your council record.

These small contributions will help us deliver quicker transactions and provide a seamless end to end customer experience.

Help us get it right

Your feedback is important to us. We use it to shape the future of our services you can find out more about how we use your feedback on our You Said, We Did webpage.

You can leave feedback about our website by clicking 'was this page helpful' located at the bottom of each web page.

We also welcome all customers to have their say about our service delivery or standard of customer care through our comments, compliments and complaints form which enables us to capture your opinions and expectations and tailor our services accordingly.