Report dog fouling and odour nuisance in a public place or from a housing property or business premises.

Report dog fouling

Dog fouling is a common problem known to many. It is not only unpleasant but can also spread Tococariasis through direct or indirect contact.

Every dog owner should be aware that it is a legal requirement to clean up the waste left behind by their dog in any public place. Ideally dogs should be trained from an early age to 'go at home' in their own garden before or after a walk rather than during a walk.

  • If dog fouling occurs away from home, the person in charge of the dog must clean up after the dog.
  • If you have a garden encourage the dog to 'go' there. This can then be buried or cleaned up.
  • If you take your dog out for walks - then always take something with you to clean up the mess.
  • Every time your dog fouls "bag it and bin it".

To report dog fouling in a public place

To report dog fouling in a public place such as footpaths or green areas, (Including where a neighbour deliberately lets their dog out into the street to go to the toilet and then fails to pick up after it.), contact Basildon Council Street Scene:

To report dog fouling in the communal areas of a property (stairwells, garden areas etc.)

To report dog fouling in the communal area of a property, for example stairwells or garden areas that are part of a block of flats you should contact your managing agent or housing association or council housing department for advice. 

Basildon Council tenants and leaseholders should contact Customer Services Housing Enquiries.

To report dog fouling and odour nuisance from housing and business premises

To report dog fouling and odour causing nuisance from a nearby housing property or business premises you should contact Basildon Council Environmental Health Services.