Stray dogs are not only a danger to themselves, but can be a risk or cause nuisance to members of the public. Stray dogs can cause a number of problems; they can be responsible for road traffic accidents, bite people, can worry, injure or kill animals, foul in public places and just generally be a nuisance.

Regulations state that any unattended dog on public land, or any unattended dog on private land where it is not permitted to be, is considered to be a stray dog, regardless of the circumstances.

It is also stated that responsibility for allowing a dog to stray lies with the dog's owner, regardless of how the dog has come to stray or if it is microchipped or wearing a collar and tag.

Responsibility for allowing a dog to stray is the owners even if the dog keeps getting out because;

  • A property is insecure
  • The landlord will not replace or repair a fence or gate
  • A fence owned by a neighbour is insecure.

Under Section 149 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, Basildon Council has a duty to take in stray dogs found anywhere within the boundaries of Basildon Borough. Stray dogs taken into the care of Basildon Council will be boarded at a local kennel facility for up to seven days, during which time the animal can be claimed by the owner on payment of a statutory fee plus additional expenses.

Dogs which remain unclaimed by their owner after seven days in Council care then become the property of Basildon Council.

Stray Dog Fees and Charges

Seizure of stray dogs: Sect. 149(5) Environmental Protection Act 1990 states: "A person claiming to be the owner of a dog seized under this section shall not be entitled to have the dog returned to him unless he pays all the expenses incurred by reason of its detention and such further amount as is for the time being prescribed."

Fees are charged per day and increase each day that the dog remains in our kennels.

Table showing Stray Dog Recovery Fees and Charges Stray Dog Fees
No. of days or part days dog is kept after seizureTotal to be paid
1 Day£74
2 Days£86
3 Days£98
4 Days£110
5 Days£122
6 Days£134
7 Days£146

The cost of any veterinary treatment including care administered by the kennels will be charged for in addition to the above charges.