A guide to which household metal products you can put into your pink sack for weekly recycling collection.


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Make sure your pink sack is securely tied up and placed outside your property by 7.30am on the day of collection.

There is no limit to the number of pink sacks that can be put out for each collection but remember to rinse out all metal containers, and crush them if possible, before placing them into the sack.

Please wrap sharp items and dispose of any needles in a safe and responsible manner through a needle exchange or via your local health centre.

Assisted Collections

If you are unable to get waste and recycling to your collection point, please contact our customer services to check if you're eligible for assisted collections. This service is available to anyone experiencing difficulties due to an impairment.

What goes in your pink sack?

Green Tick Suitable ForRed Cross Not Suitable For
Aerosol Spray CansBadly Soiled Metal Items
PolishGeneral Non-recyclable Household waste
Air FreshenerGlass of any kind
Squirty Cream/ConditionerPlastic Toys
DeodorantGarden Furniture
Shaving Gel ContainersFood Waste
Drink CansGarden Waste
Tinned Food CansWallpaper
Biscuit Tins 
Baby Milk Tins 
Aluminium Foil (Clean of Food) 

Contamination Stickers


Your bag will not be collected if it is found to contain items that cannot be recycled.

It will instead be marked with a Contamination Sticker with advise on what must be done before the sack can be accepted.


Need more pink sacks?

Pink sacks are delivered to residents twice a year free of charge.

Additional pink sacks are available free of charge from our reception at the Town Centre office or at local libraries.
Please note, that we currently have a limited stock of pink sacks our staff will provide you with one roll of pink sacks per household to see you through to your next delivery.