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Paper and Cardboard

A guide to the types of paper and cardboard you can put into your pink sack for recycling collection.


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Make sure your pink sack is securely tied up and placed outside your property by 7.30am on the day of collection.

There is no limit to the number of pink sacks that can be put out for each collection but remember to remove all polystyrene packing from boxes/packets and remove any plastic sheeting/packing material from cardboard boxes. 

Try to crush items as much as possible before placing them into the sack.

All paper items need to be in a separate carrier bag (preferably a recyclable one) before putting them into the sack.

Please wrap sharp items and dispose of any needles in a safe and responsible manner through a needle exchange or via your local health centre.

Assisted Collections

If you are unable to get waste and recycling to your collection point, please contact our customer services to check if you're eligible for assisted collections. This service is available to anyone experiencing difficulties due to an impairment.

What goes in your pink sack?

Paper waste materials

Green Tick Suitable ForRed Cross Not Suitable For
Plain and Coloured Wrapping PaperWallpaper
NewspapersPlastic or Foil Coated Wrapping Paper
MagazinesTissue Paper and Toilet Roll***
CataloguesPaper Napkins
BrochuresPaper Table Cloths
ComicsGeneral Non-recyclable Household waste
Junk MailGlass of any kind
DirectoriesPlastic Toys
 Garden Furniture
 Food Waste
 Garden Waste


Cardboard waste materials

Green Tick Suitable ForRed Cross Not Suitable For
Cereal PacketsPringle Tubes
Tea PacketsHot Chocolate Tubs
Food BoxesGravy Tubs
Washing Powder BoxesWhite Cardboard Card
Dishwasher Tablet BoxesInstant Food Containers
Cleaning Product BoxesTake Away - Drink Cups and Lids
Kitchen and Toilet Roll - Inner Cardboard TubesPaper Plates
Greeting CardsGeneral Non-recyclable Household waste
Juice and Milk CartonsGlass of any kind
Cigarette Packets (with foil removed)Plastic Toys
 Garden Furniture
 Food Waste
 Garden Waste


Contamination Stickers

Your bag will not be collected if it is found to contain items that cannot be recycled.

It will instead be marked with a Contamination Sticker with advise on what must be done before the sack can be accepted.

Need more pink sacks?

Order online: Order Pink sacks

Pink sacks are delivered to residents twice a year free of charge.

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