Apply for a housing transfer

If you want to move from your present social housing address to another property, you can apply for a housing transfer.

The first step in the housing transfer process is to submit a Homeseeker online application.

Basildon Council's Rehousing Team administer all stages of the housing transfer process.

Applications for housing transfers for those with medical needs

If you feel that your home is unsuitable for yourself or a member of your family for health reasons, then please make sure you include full details of your medical condition, or the medical condition of any member of your family, on the Homeseeker online application form.

Your medical need will be assessed by an Independent Medical Adviser and you will be advised of any medical priority for which you qualify.  The medical assessment measures the extent to which continuing to live in your current home may be causing further injury to your health. In other words, this assessment does not measure how ill a person may be, but makes an assessment of how much worse that person's health might become as a result of continuing to live in their current home.

Health issues caused by external social factors, such as noisy neighbours or housing disrepair which are dealt with through other channels, will not on their own be grounds for granting a medical priority.

Housing Transfer Inspections

It is expected that your current home has been maintained in a clean and tidy manner in accordance with your tenancy agreement, therefore you may be required to pass a Housing Transfer Inspection.  Basildon Council staff will visit your current home to make sure no wilful damage or alterations have been made to either the inside or the outside of the property.

Should the property not meet the required standards your application will be suspended for a period allowing you time to meet the required standard.

Could you benefit from a Housing Transfer Downsizing Incentive?

Basildon Council's Downsizing Incentive Scheme helps tenants who are under-occupying their council homes, to move to a more affordable and manageable home. The Scheme provides financial assistance to tenants who wish to move to a one bedroom or bedsit/studio property, general needs or sheltered accommodation from their family size property. For details and how to apply see Downsizing Incentive Scheme.

An alternative to a Housing Transfer - Have you considered applying for a Housing Mutual Exchange?

For many tenants the best way of finding a more suitable home or moving from one area to another is to find another tenant to swap homes with by Housing Mutual Exchange.

For further information see Housing Mutual Exchange.