Leaseholder reporting of housing repairs.

To report a repair needed to a Communal area please contact Morgan Sindall Property Services. They will take your call and arrange an appointment for works to be carried out, see Request an emergency or routine repair.

The leaseholders' responsibility for housing repairs and maintenance.

In leaseholder properties, Basildon Council are generally responsible for the repair and maintenance of the following:

  • Communal Areas of the block or complex containing the leaseholder's property, such as:
    • Communal staircase or corridors
    • Lifts
    • Communal gardens and pathways
  • Structural and exterior repairs to the block or complex containing the leaseholder's property, such as:
    • Foundations to the building
    • External walls
    • Roof
    • Window frames (depending on the lease)
    • External doors and frames
    • Service pipes and ducts

Please Note: Although works of the above types will be carried out by Basildon Council, the leaseholder will be required to contribute a share to the cost of any such work.

Normally the leaseholder is entirely responsible for:

  • The floor surface including floorboards within the dwelling
  • Wall plaster and plasterboards
  • Ceiling plaster and plasterboards
  • Internal non structural walls
  • Plumbing and wiring within the dwelling

Advice for leaseholders whose property is either damaged by, or causing damage to others, from leaks

If you are suffering a leak into your property which you believe to be from another property, then you should first try to speak to the resident above. If this is not possible, contact Morgan Sindall Property Services. If you pay buildings insurance through your service charge, then providing the damage to your property amounts to more than £25, you can claim from your insurance.

If you receive a letter from the Home Ownership Team stating that a leak is coming from your property into the property below, please make sure that you act on this promptly and contact the Home Ownership Team with either your findings or plans to rectify the leak. Failure to do so could result in the Council gaining access to your property and either repairing the leak or turning off your water supply. If this action is taken, all costs of repair including the break-in will be recharged to you.