Council tenants are responsible for interior decorating and certain minor repairs, Basildon Council is responsible for structural repairs and maintenance.

Examples of housing repairs that Basildon Council is responsible for:

  • the buildings structure and outside of your home.
  • drains, gutters and external pipes
  • electric wiring, gas and water pipes
  • roof, walls, floors, ceilings, window frames, outside doors
  • kitchen and bathroom fixtures - basins, sinks, toilets, baths and showers
  • heating equipment
  • paths and shared areas

Examples of housing repairs that council tenants are responsible for:

  • replacing fuses, plugs and light bulbs (except in shared areas)
  • repairs to your own fixtures and fittings
  • repairs to your own electrical appliances
  • replacing lost keys
  • inside decorating
  • replacing plugs and chains on sinks and baths
  • repairing washing lines and posts (except rotary lines in shared drying areas)

If Basildon Council is not responsible for a repair, we will tell you why.

Frequently asked questions about council housing repairs

How are out of office hours emergency repairs carried out?

The council's contractors will carry out a "make safe" repair to a problem (eg a leaking pipe).

The council's contractors will restore the heating and hot water supply where vulnerable people are at risk. Vulnerable people are defined as:

  • Senior Citizens
  • Young Children (under the age of four)
  • Persons who have a medical condition requiring heating or hot water provision
  • Persons who have recently been discharged from hospital

Could I get charged for any repairs?

Yes, if you or a visitor to your home causes damage e.g. a broken window or negligence (eg. being locked out of the property) we would recharge you the cost of these repairs.

You will be advised that a repair is rechargeable when you report it and you may be able to claim back the cost of a rechargeable repair (Eg accidental damage) through your personal Contents Insurance Policy.

It is up to you to check you policy details to see if you are covered for accidental damage.

For more information, please refer to the Rechargeable Repairs Policy at the bottom of the page. If you have any further queries, please call 01268 533333.

What happens if the repair contractor misses an appointment?

If our contractor misses a prearranged appointment to carry out repairs to your home you are entitled to receive £20 compensation on each occasion.

If an appointment has been missed the Repairs Service Centre will arrange for you to be compensated.

If your rent account is in arrears this sum would be taken off your account.

Will my gas heating and hot water boiler be serviced each year?

Yes, Morgan Sindall, our Gas Servicing Contractor, will service your boiler each year giving you advance notice of their visit.

If you have a mobile phone, you can register with us and to be reminded of your servicing appointment by text message. See Annual Gas Servicing.

Should I report an estate repair problem?

Yes please, we encourage you to report to us any estate problem you see such as communal lights not working, drains blocked or uneven paving

If I apply to buy my home will repairs still be carried out?

Once you have applied to buy your property we will only carry out essential repairs

How do I deal with a condensation problem?

Condensation is caused when damp air touches a cold surface. The damp air is often caused by cooking, or by drying clothes indoors.

Condensation often causes black mould, which can affect walls, ceilings and window frames as well as your clothes, bedding and decorations.

To have less condensation:

  • In cold weather try to keep low background heating on all day, even when there is no one at home
  • Try to make sure there is ventilation in each room. Open windows or vents
  • Close the door into the kitchen when you are cooking, and put lids on saucepans
  • Try not to use paraffin or liquid gas heaters
  • Dry damp clothes outside. Put your tumble drier vent out of the window
  • When running a bath, run the cold water before the hot. After having a bath, open the window and shut the bathroom door

Do I have a right to do some of your repairs myself?

Under the Right to Repair Scheme you have the right to carry out certain repairs to your property yourself and receive compensation if we do not complete repairs within a specified time.

Repairs that qualify are mostly minor repairs which affect the health, safety or security of your home.

Our Repairs Service Centre will advise you which repairs qualify.

Do I have a right to improve my home myself?

You can carry out improvements to your property if you wish, such as fitting a new bathroom suite, replacing kitchen units or building a new fireplace.

You must first ask our permission and carry out any works to the guidelines that we give you.

Permission will not be unreasonably refused but may be subject to certain conditions.

Your improvement may add value to your property but we will not increase your rent for this reason.

We may however charge the next tenant more rent because of the improvement.

We will only refuse permission if the work would cause us expense, make it difficult to let the property in the future or give rise to complaints from other residents.

You must not start any improvement work until written permission has been given.

Can I get help with decorating my home?


  • when you move into your new home or
  • when we do major repairs and disturb your decorations.

We award a decoration allowance to you in a voucher that you can exchange at your local DIY store for decorating materials.

The voucher must be used within 6 months of issue and you would be given details how to claim your decorations allowance at the time of signing up for your new home or when we carry out major works.