Street parties are a good way of getting to know your neighbours and can be a valuable part of community life. Basildon Borough Council is keen to support residents who wish to organise their own street parties and summer fetes to celebrate events such as royal occasions and St Georges Day.

Applying to hold a Street Party

To simplify the application process, there is now a new single form which covers all parts of the application, including the application for road closures. This form can be printed from the link below and returned to the Council at the address shown.

Icon for pdf Application Form for a Street Party [357.42KB]

Approval for a street party may take a considerable time to process, so you are advised to submit your application at least two months before the intended event.

If you need further advice on road closures please email the Street Scene Maintenance Manager

Please also remember that there will be a need to clean up after the event and this should be planned as part of the organisation.

Additional Licences

For private parties, the new application form will cover the whole application.

However, if there is to be pay bar, or if an admission charge which covers the supply of alcoholic drinks and/or entertainment, or if the public or a section of the public may be admitted to the event, a Temporary Event Notice will be required.

If there will be more than 500 people present at any time, you may need to apply for a  Premises Licence.

If you need further advice regarding licences, please contact us.

More Information

For more information about organising a street party, please see the links below:

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