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If you are not sure which ward you are looking for then please look at our 'Where I live...' web page where you can enter your postcode to find your ward and councillor details.

If you are looking for a ward other than your own then visit the Ordnance Survey website which displays street maps showing ward boundaries within the District, see  Ordnance Survey Election Maps   

Political distribution of Council seats following local election on 2nd May 2019

Political groupSeats held following the May 2019 election
Small image of the Conservative Party Logo 2018Conservative20
Small colour image of the Labour Party Logo 2018Labour15
Small colour icon representing an Independent Candidate or CouncillorIndependent3
Small colour image of the Wickford Independents Party Logo 2018Wickford Independents Free From Party Politics2
Small colour icon representing a Nethermayne Independent Candidate or CouncillorNethermayne Independents1
Small colour image of the UKIP Party Logo 2018UK Independence Party (UKIP)1