Image of the Local Authority Building Control LogoBuilding Regulations are laid down by Parliament (see: GOV.UK - Building regulations approval  ) and are supported by separate documents containing practical and technical guidance on compliance, which are known as "The Requirements of The Building Regulations and Approved Documents.".

Their purpose is to ensure the minimum standard to secure the health and safety of people in or about buildings. They are also concerned with energy conservation and with access and facilities for disabled people both in public and commercial buildings including offices and shops.

IMPORTANT: Whether or not your building project requires Building Regulations Approval you may still need:

  • Planning Permission,
  • Listed Building Consent,
  • Conservation Area Consent,

for more info & advice see  Planning Services

You may also need:

  • Landlords Consent,
  • Party Wall Act   Agreement,
  • Water & Sewage Companies Agreement

Unless you have a reasonable working knowledge of building construction, when planning building work we advise you to obtain professional advice (e.g. from an architect, a structural engineer or a building surveyor) and to choose a recognised builder to carry out the work. We also recommend that you consult the Council's Building Control Surveyor in advance.

Additional regulations for commercial property

For commercial property there are additional regulations on which Building Control can advise.

The Building Regulations cover most building work such as new building, extensions or alterations to an existing one, new windows, walls, roofs etc. Building Regulations will probably also apply when providing fittings such as drains, boilers, washing or sanitary facilities and hot water storage (unvented hot water systems).

They may also apply to certain changes of use of an existing building even though no construction work may be intended.

Remember that the Building Regulations are completely separate from Planning legislation and the granting of approval under either does not give consent under the other.

In some cases only Building Regulation approval will be needed and sometimes only Planning Permission, although in most cases both will be required.

Please seek advice at an early stage on both types of law, Contact Building Control, there is no charge for this advice.