Consultation on the Community Infrastructure Levy ('CIL') Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule has now closed.

The Community Infrastructure Levy ('CIL') Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule (PDCS) was the subject of consultation from the 1 November until 17 December 2018, following approval from Council on the 18 October 2018.

CIL is a levy that local authorities can choose to charge on new development in their area. The detailed implementation of CIL is set out in the Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations 2010 (as amended). The levy allows the Borough Council to raise, and pool contributions from developers to pay for things such as transport, leisure and open spaces, schools and other infrastructure needed to support new development. The 'Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule' is the first stage in the process of adopting CIL. The PDCS sets out the charges for different types of development in the borough. The rates proposed have been informed by viability evidence produced by consultants specialising in this type of work.

CIL Consultation documents

Whilst the consultation has closed, you can still download or view the consultation documents in PDF format here:

Icon for pdf Basildon Council - Community Infrastructure Levy Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule - Oct 18 [803.24KB]

Icon for pdf Consultation Response Booklet [486.56KB]

What is the evidence base for the CIL?

The CIL Charging Schedule must be informed by an appropriate evidence base and this evidence base includes a Viability Assessment Report and the Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP).

To read or download the evidence base click here to view or download the CIL Evidence Base.

What happens next?

The CIL's Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule (PDCS) document represents the first stage of public consultation on the proposed charges, which would apply borough wide. After the consultation has finished on 17 December, all the representations received will be collated and processed and will help inform a final CIL charging schedule which will also be subjected to a further consultation prior to examination and adoption.

Key Stages for Adopting a CIL Charging Schedule:

  • Stage 1: Publication/Consultation on Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule
  • Stage 2: Publication/Consultation on Draft Charging Schedule
  • Stage 3: Submission for Examination
  • Stage 4: Examination of the Draft Charging Schedule
  • Stage 5: Adoption of the Charging Schedule and Implementation of CIL