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Black Sack


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Make sure your black sack is securely tied up and placed outside your property by 7.30am on the day of collection.

Please wrap sharp items to avoid injury and dispose of any needles in a safe and responsible manner at a needle exchange or via your local health centre.

General non-recyclable household rubbish placed in green biodegradable sacks meant for garden waste or pink recycling sacks will not be collected.

To ensure that your waste is collected please do not place your black sacks on top of your green bin. All sacks must be placed on the ground for collection.

Assisted Collections

If you are unable to get waste and recycling to your collection point, please contact our customer services to check if you're eligible for assisted collections. This service is available to anyone experiencing difficulties due to an impairment.

What goes in your black sack?

 Green Tick Suitable For

 Red Cross Not Suitable For

All items that cannot be recycled in your pink sack, orange box or green bin

Clinical Waste including infectious medical items and sharps.

If you need to dispose of sharps or needles issued to you for home medication you can request a Clinical Waste collection - see Request a clinical waste collection.

Offensive/Hygiene wastes including incontinence pads, catheter/stomach bags, nappies and sanitary waste etc.

Please double wrap these items prior to disposal.

Commercial Waste including any rubbish produced by a business or charity.


Liquid Waste including Oil and Paint


Large Bulky household items including fridges, freezers, beds, televisions and cabinets etc.


Hazardous Materials including granular or powder pesticides and liquid pesticides or asbestos

Need more black sacks?

You can use any kind of rubbish bag to put your household waste in as long as it is not pink or green.

Additional Black Sacks can be purchased from our Town Centre office where you can buy a roll of 26 for £2.00.

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