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Local Plan (Regulation 19) Public Consultation

View and provide comments on the Revised Publication Local Plan Public Consultation. The Consultation will run from 1 November until 5pm on 17 December 2018.

Purpose of this consultation

The Council has considered that it has a sound Local Plan and wishes to submit this version to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government after the close of this consultation. This consultation is all about whether you think the Revised Publication Local Plan is legally compliant and consistent with national policy, which is known as the Tests of 'Soundness'.

To help you relate your comments to legal compliance and the test of 'Soundness', and to ensure that comments are submitted in a format required by the Planning Inspector, we have provided guidance notes within the pdf icon Consultation Response Booklet [513kb] and we would recommend that you read this before making a representation. For more information you can also download the pdf icon FAQs [143kb] 

Responding to the Consultation

A representation is your comment on the Local Plan. We are encouraging people to make representations online to help us to record your comments accurately and process them quickly for the Planning Inspector. You can provide your comments online via our consultation portal

Alternatively, you can pick up a pdf icon Consultation Response Booklet [513kb] from the Basildon Centre reception or your local library, or download it here and return it to:

Local Plan Consultation
Basildon Borough Council
The Basildon Centre
St Martin's Square
Essex, SS14 1DL

Or email it to: 

Representations must be received by the Council by no later than 5pm on Monday 17 December 2018. Representations received after this date may not be considered. You must leave enough time for postage.

Revised Publication Local Plan Interactive MapRevised Publication Local Plan Interactive Map This link opens in a new browser window

To see the Revised Publication Local Plan Interactive Map which shows layers from the Policies Map, together with additional mapping data, see...

Includes map layers for Housing, Residential, Employment, Retail and Leisure, Environment, Transport, Green Belt, Neighbourhood Areas.

Revised Publication Local Plan Consultation documents

Consultation Documents

All consultation documents can be downloaded or viewed in PDF format here:

pdf icon Basildon Council - Revised Publication Local Plan - Oct 2018 [4Mb]

pdf icon Basildon Council - Policies Map - Oct 2018 [13Mb]

pdf icon Basildon Council - Policies Map Changes Booklet - Oct 2018 [14Mb]

pdf icon Basildon Council - Sustainability Appraisal Non Technical Summary [6Mb]

pdf icon Basildon Council - Sustainability Appraisal - Oct 2018 [8Mb]

pdf icon Basildon Council - Sustainability Appraisal Appendices - Oct 2018 [5Mb]

pdf icon Basildon Council - Habitat Regulations Assessment - Oct 2018 [4Mb]

pdf icon Basildon Council - Service Impact Assessment - Revised Publication Local Plan 2018 [231kb]

Draft Local Plan Statement of Consultation - 2016

New Sites and Alternative Sites Statement of Consultation - 2017

You can also read these consultation documents during opening hours in local libraries and at the Customer Service Centre at the Basildon Centre.

What is the evidence base for the new Local Plan?

We have carried out a significant amount of research to inform the Local Plan. This is called the Evidence Base. To read or download any of the evidence base, see Local Plan - Evidence Base.

Paper copies of the evidence base are available to view at all the Borough libraries (except Fryerns and Vange) during their normal opening hours.

Brief history on how we got to this stage 

The Local Plan sets out the vision and framework for guiding the future development of all parts of the Borough up to 2034. It identifies how many new homes, jobs and businesses are being planned for, where they should be located and what infrastructure is needed to support them. This includes new and improved roads, schools, healthcare facilities, open spaces and leisure facilities.

Work started in December 2014 on a new Local Plan that will provide the planning framework for the future growth and development of the Basildon Borough area until 2034. Consultation took place at the beginning of 2016 on the Draft Local Plan where more than 21,500 comments were received. The Council listened and in response, agreed 52 key actions to address the concerns raised, and to inform its next version of the Local Plan.

The key actions included a further consultation on New and Alternative Site Options. Changes were made to the Draft Local Plan and the Council produced a Publication Local Plan in March 2018. However, in June 2018, the Council withdrew that version and approved a focused review on a number of aspects. During the summer of 2018, it completed this review and further changes were made. The latest version contains all these updates and is called the Revised Publication Local Plan and was approved for public consultation on 18 October 2018.

This final stage of consultation is more technical than previous Local Plan consultations, but we encourage you to take part and have your say.

Local Plan Advice Sessions

The Council will be running a number of Local Plan Advice Sessions at the Customer Service Centre in The Basildon Centre, in order to assist those who are unsure how to fill out the Consultation Response Booklet.  20 minute one-to-one appointments can be booked to take place during these sessions, to book a one-to-one appointment online see:

Local Plan Advice Sessions

Tuesday 13th November1pm - 4.30pmThe Basildon Centre
Wednesday 14th November9.30am - 1pmThe Basildon Centre
Thursday 15th November5.30pm - 9pmThe Basildon Centre
Saturday 17th November9.30am - 1pmThe Basildon Centre
Tuesday 20th November1pm - 4.30pmThe Basildon Centre
Wednesday 21st November9.30am - 1pmThe Basildon Centre
Wednesday 21st November5.30pm - 9pmThe Basildon Centre
Saturday 24th November9.30am - 1pmThe Basildon Centre
Wednesday 28th November1pm - 4.30pmThe Basildon Centre
Thursday 29th November9.30am - 1pmThe Basildon Centre
Thursday 29th November5.30pm - 9pmThe Basildon Centre
Saturday 1st December9.30am - 1pmThe Basildon Centre
Tuesday 4th December9.30am - 1pmThe Basildon Centre
Wednesday 5th December1pm - 4.30pmThe Basildon Centre
Thursday 6th December5.30pm - 9pmThe Basildon Centre

What happens next?

After the consultation has finished at 5pm on 17 December, all the representations received will be collated and a Statement of Issues will be produced and submitted alongside the Revised Publication Local Plan and all supporting documents to the Government and sent to the Planning Inspector for consideration as part of the Examination in Public.

What else are we consulting on?

To help bring forward the roads, schools, healthcare facilities, green spaces etc. needed to support the new homes and businesses, the Council intends to introduce a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). The first stage is to produce a Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule, which the Council is consulting on alongside the Revised Publication Local Plan. To find out more information on the CIL and to provide comments on this consultation please visit:

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