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Homeless Prevention

Basildon Council will do all it can to prevent you from being homeless. If you are homeless or about to become homeless you can apply for help.

Online homeless eligibility assessment Image icon - Apply Complete this online form if you are homeless, or about to become homeless, and in need of advice. We will contact you within 5 working days. Housing Emergency Contact Numbers Image icon - Phone Emergency contact numbers for homelessness help, information and advice Homeless Prevention Information Image icon - Information People can become homeless for many reasons but no matter how it happens the prospect of homelessness can be a very stressful experience. Homelessness - advice and support Image icon - Information Can Basildon Council help? The Council has a duty to provide services free of charge to all residents of the borough in order to prevent homelessness. Homelessness Documents you will need - Applications and Advice Interviews Image icon - Documents If you are attending a Housing Advice interview, or if you are making a Housing Options application, you will be asked to produce the following information... Guidance For Young People - Think! Before you leave home Imager icon - Homeless youth It's not a good idea to rush into leaving home. You could end up in very serious difficulty, even homeless. House Share, Flat Share and Rooms to Rent Image icon - House Share Looking for a flat share or a house share? Landlords and tenants can search for a flat share, house share or rooms for rent throughout the UK. Homelessness Prevention Strategy 2014-2018 Image icon - Documents The Basildon Council Homelessness Prevention Strategy sets out the actions that the Council and its partners will take to prevent homelessness in the borough over the five year period November 2013 - November 2018. Rough Sleeping Anyone can become homeless and sleeping rough can be dangerous, putting health at risk. Understanding how you can aid rough sleepers is vital to helping them off the street, connecting them to the local services available.
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