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Building Control Advice - Working on your property boundary

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Do you know where the boundary is?

Check your deeds and speak to your neighbours and get agreement as to where the boundary is before you plan your extension. (The Council does not keep records, which show precise ownership boundaries).

Check with next door if they know if below ground the foundations of any wall or structure close to the boundary encroach on your property.

This may mean a gap will need to be kept or a special foundation designed.

If you are unsure then excavate a trial hole down to the level of the foundations, note the details and pass this information to your surveyor or architect.

Be careful not to damage any foundation or underground equipment if you do this.

If the foundations of your extension will encroach on your neighbours property then Planning Permission will be required. (see Planning Services )

Check if there are any services that are under where the extension is to go.

This may impose restrictions or require a special foundation design, particularly if there is a public sewer to be built over, (details of public sewers and the specifications of work required by the Water Authority - the sewer owner - are available from Building Control) - Contact Us.

The Party Wall Act

The work proposed, either an extension or work to a party wall, may require notification to the adjoining owner under The Party Wall Act 1996.

The Party Wall Act 1996 may apply to the work that you are carrying out. If so, this will involve giving notice of at least 28 days.

The Act covers: -

  • Work carried out directly to an existing party wall.
  • New building at or astride the boundary line between properties.
  • Excavation within three or six metres of the neighbouring building depending on the depth of the hole or foundations.

For more information on the Party Wall Act an explanatory booklet is available from Building Control. - Contact Us

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