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Housing Advice Interviews

If you are attending a Housing Advice interview, or if you are making a Housing Options application, you will be asked to produce the following information...

Information to Gather for a Housing Options Application.

Without these documents the homelessness department will be unable to process your application.

  • Full/birth certificates/or/passport: A copy can be obtained from the General Register Office
  • Child benefit payment books: An award letter from the Child Benefit Agency is required.
  • Tenancy agreement: A Tenancy Agreement is required if you are currently privately renting to check your tenancy rights.
  • Income details: Details of income, benefits, savings, and any profit from the sale of any property.
  • Notices to Quit/Possession Orders/Bailiff's Warrant: If your landlord is seeking possession we will need these documents to determine your homelessness and whether or not your landlord has, in fact, served a Legal Notice.
  • Friends/Family: If you are living with friends or family, we will need confirmation from them regarding how long you have resided there and why you have to leave. A contact telephone number is also needed.
  • Addresses past 5 years: Details of any address that you have resided at during the last 5 years, dates and type of occupation (i.e. tenant/owner). Please ensure that you have this information available.
  • Medical Evidence  If you have a medical problem, evidence is required, i.e.
    • An award letter regarding your ESA or DLA
    • GP Prescription/certificate
    • Letter from GP (Please note that your GP may charge for this)
    • Medication

If you are fleeing domestic violence then the we accept that you may not have immediate access to any of the required documents.

If you have any problems in providing any of the documents please advise the Assessment Officer before your interview.

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