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Public Consultation - Draft Street Trading Consent Policy 2017

Have your say - we welcome your views on the draft Street Trading Consent Policy and the proposed designation of prohibited streets.

In preparation for the introduction a new Street Trading Licensing Scheme, Basildon Council is seeking views on its proposal to designate a street as either a consent or prohibited street within Basildon Borough Council's boundary.

The Street Trading Licensing Scheme, which will operate across the entire borough, is to be governed by a Street Trading Consent Policy, which will set out how applications for consent to street trade should be made, how they will be processed and what sort of consultations will be made before determining an application.

Under the terms of the new scheme Street Trading refers to the selling of, exposing of, or the offering for sale of any articles (including a living thing) in any street.  It is proposed that Street Trading will not be allowed anywhere within the Borough of Basildon without proper consent being granted by Basildon Council.

The full, draft policy provides much more detail on the application process, consultations on applications, objections to an application, criteria for determining applications, approval of consents and conditions, the issue of consents, the Licensing Sub-Committee, refusal of applications, enforcement of the policy and general information about Street Trading Consents.

Examine the consultation documents

Street Trading Scheme Proposal - Public Notice

Details of the Street Trading Scheme Proposal can be viewed in the following public notice. If you wish to make a representation relating to the following Public Notice you must do so in writing to Environmental Health Services (Licensing), Basildon Council, The Basildon Centre, St. Martin's Square, Basildon, Essex. SS14 1DL,  within 28 days from the date of publication of this notice, (8th Jan 2018).


Draft Street Trading Consent Policy and Prohibited Streets List

Your comments on the Draft Street Trading Consent Policy must be received by  Basildon Council's Licensing Authority by 21st January 2018.

If you would like to receive these documents as hard copy, or in an alternative format, e.g. large print, please contact us:

Send us your comments on the Draft Street Trading Consent Policy 2017

Please complete and return the following Draft Street Trading consultation form:

You can return your completed form:

  • By Email to:  (please enter email subject as 'Street Trading')
  • By Post to: Environmental Health Services (Licensing), Basildon Council, The Basildon Centre, St. Martin's Square, Basildon, Essex. SS14 1DL

Results of the consultation.

The results of the consultation will be reported back to the Group Manager (Regulation) for appraisal and appropriate amendments, before the final draft of the policy is presented to the Basildon Council's members for formal adoption.

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