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School Readiness - Training and Support for Practitioners

News, information and events for practitioners in the Basildon School Readiness initiative.

This section will be updated with new information and details of events which have been organised, along with dates, venues, content, registration details etc.

Partners involved in the Basildon School Readiness initiative have based their definition on UNICEF's model of the three elements of school readiness:

  1. Children's readiness for school
  2. Families and communities' readiness for school
  3. Schools' readiness for children.

This provides a broad, but structured framework that highlights the importance of working together to improve outcomes for children.

All practitioners who work with young children and their families play an important role in developing school readiness. Good practice in this area means that practitioners, in their varied roles, should:

  • Communicate and share information about every child's unique development with their parents and other relevant partners
  • Provide challenging and meaningful learning opportunities for each child, whilst giving them confidence in becoming a learner
  • Demonstrate high expectations of children and raise aspirations
  • Enthuse, engage and motivate all children and allow them the opportunity to make decisions
  • Share ideas about how to support home learning with parents, including routines
  • Respect and respond to the children's backgrounds, circumstances and culture
  • Consider the changing school readiness needs of children as they enter different phases of their education and work in partnership with others to ensure these needs are met
  • Ensure that all children meet their full potential.

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