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Elections - Postal Votes and Proxy Votes

You may choose to vote at an election by post if you cannot or do not wish to attend your polling station. This is provided you appear on the Register of Electors and are eligible to vote at an election.

Postal Votes

Your application can be:

  • made for a single election, for a specified period or indefinitely
  • sent to your home address or another address specified by you
  • sent overseas, but you need to consider whether there would be time for you to receive and return your ballot paper by polling day

Postal votes are usually dispatched about 2 weeks before polling day and they must be received at the Council or at a relevant polling station by the close of poll on polling day.

Please note if you have been sent a postal vote, you cannot vote in person at a polling station.

Proxy Votes

A proxy vote is where you appoint somebody to vote on your behalf. This is provided you appear on the register of electors and are eligible to vote at an election.

You can apply to vote by proxy on an indefinite basis if:

  • you have a physical incapacity
  • you are an overseas voter
  • you are a Crown Servant or a member of Her Majesty's Armed Forces
  • your employment or studying means that you are unable to go to a polling station on the day of an election

You can vote by proxy for a single election if:

  • you are unable to go to a polling station for a particular election, for example because you are away on holiday

Please note you will need to tell your proxy which candidate(s) you wish to vote for and on the exception that you are registered blind, you may possibly need someone to support your application by confirming that your reason to vote by proxy is valid.

A proxy can choose to cast your vote by means of a postal vote.

If after 5PM on the deadline to apply for a proxy vote, you are unable to vote in person because you:

  • Have a medical emergency, or
  • Learn you cannot go to the polling station because of work reasons.

You can apply to vote by emergency proxy.

Completed emergency applications must have reach us before 5pm on the day of poll:

 To find out how to apply, call the electoral department on 01268 533333

Postal and Proxy Vote application forms can be downloaded from this page (see below). For further information regarding postal and proxy voting and to obtain a Postal or a Proxy Vote Application Form, please contact the Electoral Registration Office by telephone on 01268 533333 or by e-mail at or you can download the forms here:

Downloadable: pdf icon Postal Vote Application Form [319kb]

Downloadable: pdf icon Proxy Vote Application Form [31kb]

Alternatively, visit for more information on postal and proxy votes.

All completed application forms should be returned to:

The Electoral Registration Office
Basildon Borough Council
The Basildon Centre
St Martin's Square
Essex SS14 1DL

Alternatively, you can scan the completed form and email it to

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