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About the e-Planning system

e-Planning information online

E-Planning is a brand new online planning system, which has been designed to offer many more features to our customers.

The core of the new system is user registration, which enables pro-active, personal email notifications, based on the applications and locations a user is interested in. Other significant features are better search options and improved accessibility.

Basildon Borough Council's e-Planning system will enable users to view, track and comment on planning applications online.

When we receive a valid planning application it is scanned along with all plans and relevant documents, which can then immediately be made available for public viewing on the e-planning system.

The more recent the application, the more information is available. For most applications since 1992, there will also be supporting plans and documents available to view online. Information is also held for Appeals against Planning Decisions, and Enforcement Cases.

Important note regarding property or legal transactions: The online planning history contained within the e-Planning system should not be relied upon in connection with a property or legal transaction. If you require a property's complete history for the purposes of conducting a property or legal transaction, please contact our Local Land Charges Search Office to discuss your requirements together with any fees that may be involved.

Benefits of e-Planning

The benefits of e-Planning are clear:

  • Convenient access to planning information online 24/7.
  • Quicker and better decision making.
  • No need to travel to the nearest planning office to find out what's happening near you. (If preferred, visitors are still welcome at our town centre office in the Basildon Centre, St. Martin's Square, Basildon, to see copies of plans and documents.)

New e-Planning system features:

  • User Registration

Registered users can create their own personal profile and can receive automatic emails when a planning application of the type that they are interested in is added to the system.

Registration is not compulsory. You can still use the system to look up details of Planning Applications, Properties, Appeals and Enforcement without completing the registration process.

  • View detailed Information

Users will be able to view the documents related to a selected application online.

Information is published as a summary or with full details including any related documents e.g., plans and drawings, comments, decision dates and maps showing the location of the application address.

  • Search

You can search by various options to suit your requirements for example by ward, parish, date validated, by status (e.g. all those pending consideration) or by decision (e.g. all those refused).

You can now also search by description\proposal (e.g. 'single storey rear extensions' or 'porches' or 'change of use')

  • Property and Postcode Search

Users can search alphabetically by road name to see all the applications in progress for a particular road.

Users can also able to search by postcode to view all applications on the system within a selected postcode.

  • Save a Search

Registered users can save their regular searches - saving time the next time they visit the site.

  • Map Search

Users can view where applications are located on a map within a pre-selected time period (e.g. the last 6 weeks, or 2 years) with the option to zoom in and out.

Holding the cursor over the dots on the map will identify the application reference and summary details are given on the screen.

  • Track Applications

Users can track applications and receive an automatic email when there is a change in the status of a planning application.

Users can keep up to date with what is happening to their own, or their client's planning application or other application which they have an interest in.

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